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5 September 2017 11:00Flic Mansion

How hard can it be?

We made Flic - the Wireless Smart Button and launched a successful crowdfunding campaign to introduce it to the market. A couple of years later, we launched the Flic Hub in the same way. 

Welcome to our part of the Stockholm Tech Safari September 5. We will briefly talk about our journey, the challenges of hardware and crowdfunding, and give hands-on advice on how to succeed - and survive - in the space. 

Share your own hardware projects, challenges and experiences. Meet the Shortcut Labs team, have a coffee and feel the vibe - perhaps these are your future colleagues? 

All you need to know

The Flic Mansion is a green villa at Drottning Kristinas Väg 41. To find it, take a left up a gravel path after the Swedish Defence University (Försvarshögskolan). 

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